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Alvaro Morata: Chelsea agree on deal to sign Real Madrid striker

Premier League champions Chelsea have agreed on a deal to sign £70.6million rated Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata.


Chelsea have been linked with a striker all season with the impending exit of Diego Costa.

After losing out on their first-choice target Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea seem to have finally gotten another striker after agreeing on a deal with Real Madrid for Morata.

The 24-year-old striker will leave Los Angeles where he has been with the Real Madrid squad and will fly to London where he will complete the signing of his five-year contract with Chelsea worth about £155,000-a-week.

Morata will now work under Antonio Conte who signed him from Real Madrid for Juventus in 2014 but left to take up the Italy job just a month later.

The Spain international striker had been linked with a move to AC Milan but Chelsea swooped in to quickly agree on a deal with Real Madrid.

Morata will be the main man for Chelsea who are set to offload Costa.

It’s now public knowledge that the striker is on the verge of leaving the club after revealing that Conte has sent him a test to inform him he wasn’t in his plans for next season.



  1. £155,000-a-week. Never Able to understand those Big Millions in the world of football. May be some time in future they will decode how they recover the money back :)

  2. OMG, this is such a millionare's game..but this is one of the few I love from the core of my heart.

  3. All sports everywhere in the world look pretty much the same with overpaid players. They can't complain really. They know how this works. You literally sell yourself to the highest bidder as its convenient to the club.

  4. It's crazy how much players get paid, I understand it's a demanding job but I still think they are overpaid. I do enjoy watching the games though.

  5. Wow, so much money to play a sport. I find it silly that people who play sports are paid more than our military members who defend their life for their country.

  6. Soccer is amazing to watch! Wish it would pick up here in the US more!

  7. About the only sports I follow is baseball but I've always wondered why they get such high salaries. Some are on a team for a short time and get even more when they are traded. I totally agree with AiringMyLaundry

  8. What I have learnt from your post is that Chelsea football club will be the top winner of the English football in the future!
    Thanks for sharing this post!

  9. I'm not a fan of soccer but if I could make even 1/4 of what these players are making, I'd be happy haha. Maybe I need to take up the sport. :P

    Christie's Take on Life. xx

  10. What is like being a soccer player's wife be like? Ahh ala Victoria Beckham i guess :)

  11. Interesting to read but dissatisfied with the ridiculous amount of money paid.

  12. Oh wow I had completely missed that in the news. He must be very talented.

  13. I am not so much into sports but reading your article makes me believe that he is really an asset. I know any sports player who is very good in his craft really get a huge pay.


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